Common questions & answers

Below are some of the most common questions i get asked about grooming your dog.


Q.  How often should my dog visit the groomer?


A.  This really depends on the breed of the dog and how much time you put into grooming at home.  As a general rule most breeds should be washed and have their nails clipped at least every 6 weeks however many breeds should be seen more regularly to prevent matting and to keep the coat in top condition. 


Q. How much will it cost me?


A. This will depend on what breed of dog you have and how often you visit.  Bigger dogs tend to be more time consuming and thus will cost more. 

Dogs that also have tough matts and tangles will result in additional charges due to the time it takes and the general wear on equipment. 

Prices quoted over the phone will be quoted as "from" and will refer to a dog in good condition that has a regular grooming schedule. 


Q. Should my dog still need grooming over the colder months or will it get cold?


A.  Many people believe that dogs only need haircuts when the weather is warm however it is still important to care for your dogs coat during the colder months. 

Wet and muddy fur becomes matted more easily and matts are harder to dry out properly.  Once a dog is matted the only option is to shave all of the coat off.


Q. How long does it take?


A. Most dogs take between 1.5 - 2 hours for a full grooming session however if your dog is particular large or hairy, it may take longer.  Dogs that have not been regulary grooomed may also take longer due to the extra coat, matts or them not being used to the grooming process.


Q. I brush my dog reguarly at home so why does he always end up with matts?


A. Most dogs are prone to matting in certain areas such as around collars, harnesses, under arms and around the legs.  Using the correct equipment is vital.  I can offer you advice on what to buy and how to use it properly.


If you have any questions that are not listed, please just give me a call. 

I am always happy to discuss your dogs needs.

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