Why do we need to groom our dogs?


Regular grooming is extremely important for our little furry friends.  Not only is it about maintaining your dogs level of cleanliness and making them look nice, it is also about maintaining both their physical health as well as appearance.  Grooming clean's the dog's coat, encourages growth and also washes out any muck/dirt. 

Keeping a dog well groomed also means that they can be kept knot free and out of pain.


Matted coats are painful to dogs.  Regular grooming and intermediate brushing of the coat will ensure that matts do not develop and help keep the dog healthy.


Brushing your dog regularly is beneficial as it helps remove dead hair, dirt and dandruff.  Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dogs fur giving the coat a healthy sheen.  As well as bonding with your dog, this quality time allows you to check for any skin problems/abnormalities such as fleas, ticks, infections or inflammation.   


When your dog comes to Absolute Pawfection, their claws will be routinely checked and clipped if neccessary ensuring they do not become too long and overgrown.  Long overgrown claws are painful to dogs and can be uncomfortable when walking. 


Overall regular grooming helps to keep your dog happy and healthy so dont delay, start grooming your dog today!

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